Chief Research Officer, CBS Corporation
    President, CBS VISION

    David F. Poltrack is Chief Research Officer, CBS Corporation and President of CBS VISION. Poltrack oversees all research operations at CBS encompassing audience measurement, market research, program testing, advertising research, and monitoring of the national and international video marketplace.

    He designed and oversees CBS TELEVISION CITY at the MGM GRAND, Las Vegas, CBS’ state of the art Research Center. CBS VISION is a research unit exploring and offering insight on emerging technologies, media consumption patterns, and advertising value in the media marketplace.

    Poltrack is past chairman of the Media Rating Council; chairman of the executive committee, Marketing Science Institute; past president, Market Research Council and in 2009 was inducted into their Hall of Fame; current chairman of the board for the Advertising Research Foundation; in 2014 he was inducted into the B&C Hall of Fame.



    CEO & Executive Director, Media
    Rating Council, Inc. - MRC

    George was appointed Executive Director and CEO of the Media Rating Council, Inc. (MRC) in January 2000. Mr. Ivie’s background includes over 30 years of experience in auditing, evaluating and consulting for Media Research businesses, with a specialty in information technology. Prior to his appointment to Executive Director, George was EY’s lead representative and advisor to the MRC, forming and leading a dedicated team that conducted all MRC audits and interacted with MRC management and member organizations.

    George has a thorough knowledge of research best practices and methodology, data collection, information processing and editing operations, internal controls and reporting systems.

    During 2004 and 2005, Mr. Ivie testified at two U.S. Senate hearings related to audience measurement of television and met with many congressional representatives (including numerous Senators, House Members and/or their staffs; the Black, Hispanic and Asian Caucuses; the Senate and House Commerce Committees, and the Senate and House Judiciary Committees) to discuss media measurement issues and the MRC’s Industry-oversight role. Mr. Ivie also participated in a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) review of MRC policies and procedures, including facilitating the Commission’s review of an example audit; this review culminated with a 2005 FTC letter, issued to Congress, which re-affirmed support for the MRC self-regulatory process.



    Chief Strategy Officer
    TV Vision Insights

    After earning a B.S. in applied mathematics, he went into media and marketing research, analytics and consumer insights, eventually holding global leadership roles at both major Agencies and Nielsen.

    In 2014, he decided to leverage his knowledge and experience at Startups to transform media and marketing to real-time customer engagement. At Simulmedia, his mission was to design, build, and pilot their Closed Loop TV performance buying capability, targeting television to deliver specific sales goals. Completed in 9 months. At 4C as COO, his mission was to scale the social analytics and activation company and guide it into television analytics and activation. Completed in 28 months, quintupling its revenues.

    Now at TVision, his mission is to make its “eyes on television” technology the primary source for measuring for television attention.

    Throughout his career, he has been passionate about creating marketing solutions that provide Fortune 1,000 clients with actionable information on consumer behavior enabling companies to make enlightened business decisions around branding, investments, new product development, and portfolio management.

    Early on Mark developed a media optimization platform that was instrumental in winning Agency of Record buying business and rolled out across four continents. Before moving into Startups, he developed and implemented innovative products in single source marketing analytics, mobile survey research, and behavioral targeting techniques.


    Communication Intelligence

    He has developed his career of 33 years thanks to his interest in the television business and his experience serving the largest advertisers in the advertising market in Brazil, Mexico and Latin America.

    He began his activity in advertising in 1985 at Denison Publicidad, after that he was appointed Media Director of Z + G Grey in Sao Paulo, 2 years later he was transferred to Grey Mexico where he was media director for international clients.

    In 1995 he became Media Services Director Latin America in Mediacom, based in New York, managing clients in the region and working on network expansion.

    In 1999 he became Regional Director of Latin America at Mediacom where he was responsible for the entire operation in the region.

    In 2002 he moved to Universal McCann as Executive Vice President Regional Director, where he was responsible for the company in Latin America.

    In 2006 he founded Communication Intelligence, of which he is currently president. The company bases its activities in communication consultancy with focus on broadcast television and its platforms in Latin America. Today he is also the CEO of Centro Internacional Television Abierta.